• Welcome

    Welcome to the Search Profile for our next Dean of Christ Church Cathedral in Cincinnati. We are excited about finding the person who will work with us, lead us, inspire us and deepen our relationship with God and each other.

    This is an historic congregation, but a young cathedral. We express our spirit and ourselves through our conversations and personal connections, in our music, and in our inspiring worship spaces. We partner with city leaders and community members to improve the lives of our neighbors both in service locally and in missions away from Cincinnati. This Profile was developed prayerfully and thoughtfully over the summer and Fall of 2012. You can learn much about us in detail as you examine this Profile website.

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  • The Process

    The Search Committee will receive names through March 6, 2013.

    The submission process is simple and allows for names to come to us from several sources.

    Once you have read this Profile, please prayerfully consider if you, or someone you know, might be a good fit for the position of Dean at Christ Church Cathedral.

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  • Mission Statement

    The mission of Christ Church Cathedral is to work towards God’s vision for our congregation, our city, our diocese, and our world. We do this by:

    Being a holy, welcoming, and spiritual place for all.
    Offering worship services rooted in the Episcopal tradition that thoughtfully communicate the truth, beauty, and excitement of the Christian faith to all ages and people.
    Providing a vibrant place for study, service in God’s world, music, personal connections, and spiritual renewal.
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  • The Dean We Seek

    We desire a leader who will walk the path to the future with us to do the work God has given us to do. We seek a Dean who will lead our program-size congregation to build on our strengths and improve those areas where we are challenged.

    We want to seek God together in our sacred spaces, in our flourishing urban setting, and in our service for others.

    Our Dean must be...

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